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Newton / Kodak picture card adapter ?


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Greetings all,

Very kindly a friend of mine has dug a working Newton out of his attic and is going to hand it over this weekend (what an awesome dude!). 

In preparation of this momentous event I've been powering up my old hardware so that I can 'sync' with the Newton, and therefore install new software etc.

I installed the connection kit for classic OS onto a G3 iMac I have in the workshop. 

I don't (yet) have a physical cable but maybe one will be included in the bag of goodies (fingers crossed) so I was pottering around and dug out a box of random PCMCIA cards I've collected over the years, several of which are Kodak branded Compact Flash to PCMCIA adapters. Does anyone know if these will work as a storage medium on the Newton? There are two 10mb CF 'Kodak Picture Card' modules and one 1gb lexar module which is probably not supported from what I read online... 

Many thanks for thoughts on this!  :)

p.s there's no Newton smiley and there should be... Mods! Mods!! 



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The Newton natively only support Linear Flash, which is not what a compact flash card is.

However! You can download ATA Support here: https://www.kallisys.com/ and you can use a compact flash card in a PCMCIA adapter. 

You won't be able to transfer files by putting them on the card, the Newton's storage of 'soups' aren't exactly files, but you can expand your Newton's storage this way.