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Mystery Focus Enhancements Card: Can anyone identify?


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This came to me in a lot of Mac goodies some years ago. I have never been able to figure out what it is, beyond thinking it to be video-related. Can anyone help? I do not even know if the bend in the metal plate is by accident or design.

I do not want to chuck something out that is of interest, but out it will go shortly if there is nothing more for me to go on than I have at present, which is basically nothing.







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It's not like a genlock or video overlay or something is it?  Yellow RCA jacks are often composite video, I'm assuming that's S-video not ADB, and it has two monitor (?) ports?  Since it has its own DC barrel jack and no edge connector and what I'm assuming is a connector for a power LED (D2 in the top left of the first photo), it was presumably in its own box originally... plug some stuff into its ports and see what happens! :p



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I have no idea, but yes, it does look like some sort of video card. Looks like two display connectors, an s-video connector, a composite video connector and a power connector.

Felt like searching the web a bit, and the nearest clue I could find was this page:


Same company, same numbers in the product code, same date, and video related. The product description doesn't seem to match, however. No RGB or RF-connectors on the board. But maybe it could be a clue.



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There were external boxes that allowed you to display a Mac's DB-15 video output on a composite television.  Could this be the PCB from one of those boxes?

A DB-15 passthrough and a composite out for hooking up to a large television?



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That makes sense, now that I think about it. One would need to get an eBay listing or the like and see if the ports line up to be sure, but I think we may be onto something there at last.

And now I also know that it is of no conceivable interest to me. Anyone want it (for the cost of shipping)?



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Looks like one of the versions of the  Focus Enhancements iView.

Obviously without the case.