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myopic mini


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(think its easy to think crap titles up like this ? )

anyway i got a friend who has a mini who seems to be in a spot of trouble i dont have the mini on hand but she told me the mini is stuck in a restart loop

computer keeps requesting to restart before the log in screen is reached

runs tiger

no firmware updates

not connected to the net

owner doesnt know the specs other then being an intel 2006 mini

was working yesterday stopped today

so whats wrong with this ?



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She didn't just update to 10.4.11 by any chance did she? It's been showing this kind of behavior disturbingly commonly on a wide range of PPC and Intel Macs [:(] ]'>

Is the restart loop occurring after a Kernel Panic or is it just looping at the startup (bong to white screen). If it's the later it needs to go in for repairs as it's likely a SMC fault of firmware failure.

My advice if it is the former (Kernel Panic-ing) is see if you can boot from the Tiger DVD and run repairs from there, or even an archive and install of a new copy of OS X. If you have an external disk try installing a copy of Tiger (Intel) on that and seeing if that will boot it, and suck the data off that way.



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as far as i know she did not update anything at all

if this is the kind of thing i can get from 4.11 il stay the hell away from it

ill have to ask particulairs about the loop she was vauge only thing she said was that it came to the log in screen and then restarts

booting off the dvd if she can find it is the best thing for it