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My next SE/30 Board


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I picked up this SE/30 board on eBay and I think it’s going to be a challenge. There is quite a bit of visible green gunge to deal with. I have scrubbed down with vinegar, and IPA soak and some contact cleaner.

Caps are off and there is some pad damage to repair.

Folks in here have pointed me in the right direction for a replacement SCSI chip which is missing.

I am looking hard at UI2-4 and UJ2-4 plus the resistor nets. I can clearly see some damaged legs and lots of crud. Same for the UA8-UG8 sets.

is it a good idea to remove these with hot air, clean down the board/pads and chips and refit? Or should I just plan to replace them all?

What do you good folks thunk


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The F258s likely need replacing. Use hot air to remove them.

UF8 doesn't look too hot. That whole row of ICs doesn't look too good, but those are repaceable as they are still made.

UE8 is the one that gets attacked by cap goo the most. UD8 and UC8 also look horrible.

There might be some broken traces around C3 and C5, check continuity of all the traces going through there.

The resistor nets might be ok, might just need to remove, clean and resolder them back on.

Good luck with it.


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Pretty much what I was thinking. I have a mouser cart with the F258's, UA-G8 and some resistor nets, and a couple of Zilog branded SCSI chips that I am working on finalising.

I am having trouble tracking down something for RP9 - they seem to be out of stock with a MOQ of 2000!

At this point I am sort of wishing I had an ultrasonic cleaner