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Missing power cable for a Cinema HD Display A1082, which options?


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Hi pals,

I got a Cinema HD Display A1082 for free, the catch is that there is no PSU and power cable.
I can use a generic 24V for the PSU.
I'm more concerned about the missing cable that plugs in the back (see attached image).
I see a couple of options:
- open the display and take out a cable adding a different connector. The tear-down seems very complex and delicate.
- keep looking for a power cable, but despite my many attempts I'm not able to find on its own or with a compatible PSU. BTW it seems to be pretty unique in design, aka non standard, I do not know it's name or how to find one and create a cable myself

Anything else I can try?
Any help is appreciated and very welcome



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You know, it's funny, I just tried to pull mine out to check for you, and I can't...how did that one ever come out?? What does the jack look like?


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I believe that is for a security lock so people can't steal it, not a data cable. I have the same monitor, and it works fine without anything in there. Great monitor BTW!


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Wow, TOTALLY didn't realize what was going on there, thanks epooch! I am sure then that you are missing the power brick, which looks like this one from mine:


I am sure that one can be found on eBay somewhere.


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ah ahn, thanks guy, this was a revelation to me!
I just need the brick ... from USA can be painful dute to custom BS ... but I now have a plan!

thanks again guys

PS: cutting the cable it not the direction I'll follow