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Microsoft Flight Simulator 1986


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Ok, I bought a copy of MS Flight Simulator for the Macintosh for a grand prize of 3,5 euros, couldn't resist  :)  The manual's cover is a bit worn but everything else looks pretty great.

Unfortunately the disk doesn't seem to work (advertised as such). The seller told me that he tried the disk in his Macintosh Plus, but it ejected immediately. Same thing on my Portable, ejects right away and when attempted to mount on Finder, it says the disc is not initialized. Just for a sanity-check, as the game is supposed to run on 128K Macs, isn't this a 400k disk then? Shouldn't they work in 800K drives (Plus) and even newer? Also a SuperCard Pro dump as Macintosh LD disk didn't work: it read Ok, but converting the .scp to .img in HxCFloppyEmulator -utility produces a 0k file (ie. it doesn't like the original).

In case the data has just been over-written or messed up; I found an image in the macintoshgarden but it appears to be a 800k disk, and a backup copy (made by the special copy utility that the manual says is included on the disc) going by the name it shows in Mini vMac. Has the original master disk ever been workingly imaged, including the copy protection? In case the media itself was Ok, I'd like to re-write the disc!