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Many conquests, recent and from along time ago, both mac anc


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These are many of my conquests since i started collection macs /repairing computers about 2 years ago:

>iMac DV+, my first mac (now my friend's first mac)- garage sale $10 w/ airport card

>emac 1.25 GHZ, all the fixings, the previose owners tried to load leopard w/ only 256mb of ram. it came w/ a leopard disk in the drive- garage sale $10 (posting w/ it now- second only to my macbook)

>B&W g4, of the back of someone's truck who was going to throw it out

>iMac g3 (graphite) craigslist

>Powermac 8600, 7300, and tons of OS software- free, a very nice guy at a garage sale

>Macintosh SE- my only (working) 68k mac- $21 at a garage sale (i think i paid too much)

>imac g4 1GHZ- free, rescued from recycling center (sadly they did not let me take any more, they had TONS of them :disapprove: )

>Powermac GIgabit Ethernet (w/ airport card) 400MHZ- $25

others i will not count as "conquests" either b/c they are not working or b/c i paid a lot of money for them (mainly on ebay)

I also have many old (some new) pc laptops that were thought to be broken, but in fact work ok (but they have windows xx( )

I almost forgot to mention the lcd monitors a friend's dad gave me (2, 1 15", 1 17")