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[MAME] Apple IIgs Emulation / SCSI Driver & Questions


Hi, i just started playing around with the IIgs (in Emulation) and have a few questions about this system, which eventually someone is able to answer:

1. As far as i understand, ProDOS is the base operating system with GS/OS as the graphical shell on top of it, similar to the combination of MS-DOS/Windows 3.1?
2. Anyone has experience with MAME's apple2gs emulation? I had the following issues:

- Created a empty, 32 MB ProDOS image with AppleCommander and converted this image to CHD.
- Run the apple2gs emulation on MAME with the following commandline: mame apple2gs -window -prescale 8 -sl7 scsi -skip_gameinfo -speed 2 -hard hd32.chd -flop3 install.2m which bootet the installer successfully, but no disk was found
- Installed System 6.01 in another emulator (GSplus) without issues
- Booted the Image in MAME, but got the error shown below
- Seems that for the Apple II SCSI Card a driver is needed when using a low-level emulator like MAME/MESS. Anyone has this driver disk, was unable to find it with my Google Research (only found the Utility disks)



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Not sure about Question 2, but yes you could describe ProDOS + GS/OS as comparable to DOS/Windows 3.1. GS/OS itself is very much like System 6.0x on the Mac, and would have been pretty amazing in the day for an Apple II user.


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GS/OS includes the drivers to all the supported Apple SCSI cards. They aren't required though as GS/OS will work (slower) without them, using the Smartport ROM driver on the card.


OK, this makes sense. In that case, as the "Apple II SCSI Card" was officially supported on the GS this has to be a bug in the MAME driver for the card.


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I've gotten that screen on a real IIgs when it didn't like the attached SCSI drive or when a SCSI emulator is misconfigured. Swapping in a working drive fixed it without any change to the installed GSOS drivers.