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Macintosh Portable 34 pin to 50 pin SCSI cable


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On the pic earlier in the post with the black resistor thingy.. that's the image I used.. what ground should 2,6,11,and 16 be grounded to?? The set of pins 27,28,29, and 30?? Or is there a pin they should point to on the 50 pin?? I don't see a ground on the 50 pin.. just the set for the power on 27,28,29,30




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That's a pretty steep price for a cable.

Judging from the picture, though, it looks like it's very well made.

I find Uniserver's to be more than adequate, though (if not somewhat less polished, but who's going to see it anyway?)




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well i made quite a few for hap. did the one he sent you look like this one?


because that is pretty much how the final revision looks.



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Yeah, it looks a lot like that.

I made a slight modification, though; I took a utility knife and trimmed the ribbon cable at the 34 pin end so that it's flush with the connector.

How much do you sell these for?




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I thought this might make things a bit easier. When I took apart my LC to install a second hard drive I saw this bugger. Soldering wires to this would seem really easy to do from a 34 wire ribbon.

Just my 2 cents.



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but then how will you install your HD into your poor LC now?
Well its back in the LC. But these are not hard to find. I may pick up a one and try. Just need my portable to work first! But I would also like to mount the drive in another Mac to check contents too.



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Love it Uni!!! Nice... I'm sure I will be buying some!!!! Also the Japanese guy last time I checked was selling the 34 to 50 pin cables on ebay.. not sure if they are still there.. I assume they are.. :)




I have a very nice functioning Portable but I'm worried about the 20+ year old HDD. I'd love to replace it with a CF card, but for that I'd need one of those infamous 34-to-50 adapter cables. I don't really want to risk making my own. I'm wondering if someone here maybe has a spare one, or could make one for me?

Given that I'm new here I'd gladly pay in advance.

Thanks for every one for the useful information 



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Hi Guys,
Update on this small project. I managed to assemble the adapter cable without any welding, just plain crimping. Result is quite neat and fits nicely (overall length: approx 30 cm, connector to connector).
The board I have (v5.0a) must be powered, so I couldn’t do without the (oversized) molex connector.
Mounting brackets are also minimal, no need to go for “exotic” 3D printed solutions: it’s just two “L” shaped Aluminium profiles, which - by chance - are “naturally” clamping the board in a very effective way, as there’s a groove that is just perfect for the purpose. So, no screws, no nothing.
I’m using an “oversized” 16 Gb card (smaller ones are getting hard to find), virtually partitioned in 4 units of 2 Gb each (SCSI address 0 to 3).
I have formatted the “drives” using Apple utilities (patched).
System is now working very fine (battery reconditioned, too), but I have noticed that after putting the Mac at sleep, it kind of struggles to wake up and sometimes I need to reset the machine as it hangs forever... 
Another point: if I connect a SCSI CD ROM (ID: 4), sometimes (not always) at start up partitions 1 to 3 are not automatically mounted.
Any clue on how to tune this setup?




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