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Mac SE operation system?


I have two classic mac's: macintosh ED (trying to fix here, on another thread) and macintosh SE (super drive)

Few days ago i was trying to start my Mac SE and sure, he don't boot i and i see artefacts on screen)))
I was remove motherboard and remove all chips, then wash the board. Today i try to start my mac and he is sarting normal, but don't boot.
I was check hard drive (40 mb) on another computer and i see my disk is clean and have FAT file system)))

So my question about operation system, how i can install OS without use floppy disks) I have some floppys but i don't want to use them
Mayse some hard disk image present on internet? Wiki says then this MAC can use OS from 6.0.2 to 7.5.5
I want to use older OS if possible and will be wery good if i can write disk image under Windows XP


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There are images for the SCSI2SD, google SCSI2SD setup and there’s a blog with 7.5.5 and 6.0.8 images that are 2GB in size


I thinked and choose another way.
I have external hdd from mac 512, i was connect it to x86 pc and get image with TransMac
Then i wrote this image to clean HDD
But i have one problem, first hdd size is near 60 mb and second (clean) hdd have near 40 mb
So TransMac have error near end of writing operation :)
Now system is starting from this 40 mb hdd, but i don't know all is good or no :(
I need to check hard drive but my OS from Germany and i don't understand anything )))))


My MAC SE almost works bit i have new very big problem ((((
floppy drive don't work and i can do anything with my system...

I make a install boot disk 1.44 mb with mac os 6.0.8, check this disk on another mac - booting ok
But my mac can't boot :(
Floppy drive (mac have syper drive) always have an activity when no HDD present, this is normal or not? And don't boot.

When i connect HDD with system 6.0.8 from my macintosh plus, the system is starting up and have some window always stay on top of the screen.
Something about installing new hardware - floppy, and buttons: cancel, one side, double sided. I cant read normal baceuse is system from Netherlands :)

And when i press any of buttons the system is say all ok, drive installed and after that i have new window, the same, about installing new hardware - floppy
And all the times i have the same, in a circle :(
What is this? how i can fix this?

Also i use another floppy drive 1.44 mb and another cable - nothing helped :(
+ i removed and stay back all chips from motherboard


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If you have a disk in your floppy drive that is unformatted, the SE tries to format it. That is the window you are seeing. If the SE asks for one sided or double sided, the floppy is a DD disk or you have an 800 kb in your SE.
Floppy disks are often very dirty. They should be cleaned and hard grease should be cleaned off. Sometime the reading head should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). There are videos on youtube, where you can see the whole process for 400, 800 k and 1,4 MB drives.
If your drive is permanent active then there is a problem. Could be a defective eject mechanism.
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Eruit means eject. The other buttons are onesided and double-sided. If you click on eruit the disk should be ejected. Perhaps the eject mechanism has a problem.
What happens when you eject the disk by hand and use a new disk?
The drive is a 1.44 MB drive. Are you sure that the SE is a superdrive SE?


eject mechanism is works good. When i use floppy boot disk and no HDD present, my mac is trying to read disk and after few seconds eject it.
But diskette is good i was try to boot another mac computer (powerbook 170) and booting from the floppy disk begins

On my Mac case is writing Super Drive, Super drive is not 1.44 mb ???


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The SuperDrive is the 1.44meg one but it's very possible that someone at some point has either replaced the drive or the logic board in the case. I have an 800k SE that has a 1.4mb drive in it (though it can't use it, because it still has the old IWM and ROMs).

I'd suggest you open the case up, have a look what the model number is on the floppy drive, and what the number is on the chip marked 'IWM' on the logic board (I think it's marked IWM on the board itself) and see whether you've got a real superdrive machine or not.


But my HDD from Mac Pluse where is 800 kb drive
And i dont know this is system problems or hardware, but if system, why i can't boot from diskette? :(


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So you definitely have a SWIM not an IWM, you definitely have new ROMs and you definitely have a 1.4mb drive?

Have you cleaned the drive, or can you test with another 1.4mb drive? It is possible it is the drive: the drive tells the difference between DD and HD discs using a little microswitch that feels for an extra hole in the plastic of the disc. It's possible for that to get stuck but I've only had that once...


Maybe i have some problems with 9 and 20 pins on floppy connector?
Anybody know what the voltages or signals i need to have on these pins?

Maybe i can block floppy drive on motherboard?