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Mac Plus analog board recap question

I am in the process of recapping my Mac Plus' analog board but I ran into an issue finding a suitable capacitor for C1 (the 3.9uf 25v nonpolar cap). I ordered a 250v 3.9uf cap off Mouser but the leads turned out to be too short so If I bend them to the correct spacing they don't poke through. Going to a couple (somewhat) local places to find them, I managed to find a 4uf 25v nonpolar capacitor but it's quite small, I know caps got smaller since 1986 but it's almost worryingly small and I can't find what brand it is. I also managed to find 4.75uf 100v, a 390pf and a 3900pf capacitors though the latter two I'm not positive of the voltage but I think they're both 50v. Would any of these work or do I need to keep looking? If anyone could steer me to a proper replacement if none of these will work through something like Mouser or Digikey that would be most helpful.