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Mac IIci & Etherlink/NB - trouble getting Ethernet to work

Hi everyone,

lucky me - I got a 3com Etherlink/NB card for my Mac IIci from a kind soul! Finally being able to connecting it to the world! Unfortunately, the latter doesn't seem to work so easily. Here's the trouble:

  • I installed the card. Connected a AUI <-> RJ-45 adapter at the back. Plugged the RJ-45 ethernet cable of my home network. (tested and it works)
  • Booted into System 7.5.3 on the IIci.
  • Opening the TCP control panel. Setting connection to "Alternate Ethernet" & "using DHCP server".
  • Next opening "Apple Talk". Switching from "Printer Port" to "Alternate Ethernet". And getting this error:


My TCP/IP settings look like this:


I've tried thus far:

- reseating the card in another Nubus slot

- updating Open Transport from 1.1 -> 1.1.2

- exchanging the AUI to RJ-45 adapter for another one

- installing drivers for the 3com card from here (though the card is supposed to be plug & play with system 7)

The card looks fine from the outside, no visible damage / corrosion.

I'm clueless as to what I could try next. Neither Google nor forums search turned up anything helpful on that generic error message.

Any way I could get a more detailed error reporting?

Anyone else here ran into this trouble or has an idea as to what I might try?



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FWIW, I know you said you checked your ethernet cable and are sure it works, BUT IIRC, very old ethernet was fussy...really fussy...and sometimes would only work with a "crossover" cable.  Auto-switching wasn't a thing at the very beginning, and we had to buy specific crossover cables for the few Macs we weren't plugging into outlets wired to the hub or plugging directly into our patch panel.  If you are plugging directly from your Mac into your ethernet device, this could be the issue. 



Who makes your network card? Do you have the right drivers? Apple bundled drivers in System 7.5 for some, but not all.