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Mac Color Classic Restoration Completed


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Bellow, my finish Mac Color Classic Restoration:

  • Disassemble and clean Everything
  • Recap Original Logic Board and Analog Board
  • Fix and Recap a LC 550 Logic board to convert it to a Mac Classic II - Previous owner try to re-cap and damage capacitor pad
  • Service Floppy Drive
  • Replace HD with SCSI2SD 5.1 with 3d printed mount
  • Fix issue with no sound on speaker - speaker cable damage - fix
  • Ethernet Card
  • Add Co-Processor
  • Retrobright 
  • 20mb of RAM and 512vRAM
  • 0.jpg1-CC.jpg2-LC550.jpg3- Analog_Board.jpg4-  SCSI2SD.jpg5.jpg6.jpg


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Thank you for sharing this and for the reply. The machine looks marvelous. Good job!



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Looks great, especially the A/B restoration. Do you have a reference for what parts you used for that part of the restoration?