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  • I guess this where I leave a profile of my self. With respect to the general interest to this audience, I own quite a few vintage Macs, as most of us do. Every now and then I power them up just to keep them well exercised and although I am not the most knowledgable with repairs it's the area I am starting to focus on because maintenance and essentially new parts are becoming a necessity for these old machines, particularly on logic boards and PSUs. I also use a few weeks during the summer to clean up devices in and out and retrobrite or restore plastics. I don't literally use the retrobrite chemical process, instead I use a hair bleach that works particularly well, so there is a lot of constant brushing with a damp brush and I never allow the agent to dry as it will leave light brush stroke type ghosting, not immediately noticeable but upon close inspection it is.

    So, I try to come to this board for help and share tips where I can. I hope you participate as the folks here are very friendly and it does feel like a community of like minded people, all of us caring for our Macs.


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