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    Things Paulie bought that he didn't really need

    Fantastic tale! This one has grit and spirit. Good show!
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    Interware device software

    If you need a sit.hqx here is one created with dropstuff 5.5 on system 7.5
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    Interware device software

    Hello again The hqx files appears damaged but the .sit file that I attached should work. If you have discord here is an invite for the Mac Yak. You can see the results of the same file I sent being decompressed by someone in the software MacYak channel. Maybe you want to join? It's a great...
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    Interware device software

    Try this file.
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    The definitive guide, Recapping & Lubrication, (SONY) 800K 3.5"

    Here is what you can expect, Video Chapters 0:00 — Intro 2:19 — Capacitor Locations 4:41 — Capacitor Replacement 14:18 — Microscope view 18:55 — Lifting head for cleaning 21:13 — Protective yellow plastic disk 22:37 — Metal Mounting Bracket 24:31 — Ribbon Cable Types (stripe color)...
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    Y20K bug in Mac OS 8, System 7 & 6 (FIX)

    In case any one should forget, Mac OS 8, System 7 and System 6 can't set their clock beyond 2020. Click the link below for a fix, a video describing the issue and a software download to fix the issue is available. https://archive.org/details/macos_8_2020_bug
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    Motorola Marco Site - stuff downloaded

    So I just wanted to let folks that I ran a scrape on Motorola's old site using the wayback_machine_downloader and whatever came down the pipe can be found here: http://home.macintosh.garden/~alexs/mot.com_IA/ These were the filetypes downloaded, pdf|hqx|sit|dd|pkg|abs|bin|sea|cpt|dmg|txt. As...
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    Troubleshooting and fixing a dead Apple Iic

    Many good strategies here. Check it out!
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    Newton Ethernet and WiFi Software, including Hiroshi Nogushi's Lucent WaveLAN driver

    I created an item on the internet archive for all 2000, 2100, and eMate fans. https://archive.org/details/newton_ethernet_drivers Includes the Hirochi Noguchi shareware (now freeware) LucentWaveLAN.pkg and related open source software. Enjoy.
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    An impromptu live recapping of a IIvi

      An impromptu live recapping Old electronic devices with surface mount electrolytic capacitors are often affected by capacitor leakage. Watch Bruce of Branchus Creation muddle through the recapping of a Macintosh IIvi. New to recapping? Watch the man and learn some cool stuff. Enjoy!
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    iMac (Summer 2001) optical drive replacement

    For moment try, https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20200118062545&SearchText=cd+drive+belt I measured mine and it's 10cm when folded and a 1mm across cross section, these are not round belts but 1mm x 1mm square. This item is likely a good target...
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    Install PowerPC Mac OS X Faster!

    I came across this video which is just excellent, it covers the ASR command line tool first introduced in Jaguar. The video also introduces Firewire Target Disk Mode and using it to install software. The video celebrates these technologies with a focus on vintage computing. HISTORY Apple...
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    iMac (Summer 2001) optical drive replacement

    One more quick note The rubber roller is loose, turning independent of the shaft so I will have to fix this as well. I know that there is a youtube video out there showing how to fix this in a CD slot loading car audio system but failed to find it. The CD player being worked on in the video...
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    iMac (Summer 2001) optical drive replacement

    Short update: It turns out that the issue with my drive is the drive belt. I am pretty sure because the belt has gotten deformed, assuming two hard corners, losing its original circular shape that is characteristic of a new drive belt. * NOTE: If you have old optical drives in your old...
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    How to make system discs for vintage Macintosh and Lisa computers

    There is a LONG video about making system discs for vintage Macintosh