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Mac Classic M0420 a garage sale tale with questions


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So I picked up a Macintosh Classic M0420 (hopefully this is the right forum for it) at a garage sale very cheap. (Also hopefully not breaking any rules, the rules link didnt load for me)

Taking it home I discovered it was missing all 4 screws and someone had somewhat tried a recap. I am no expert in soldering but with a little help from the heat gun and my old Weller I have most of the over soldering cleaned up and a battery replaced.

Next it would boot to just a mouse, after verifying the floppy worked and doing some command keys to skip the harddrive I figured the drive was dead.

Off to pick a SCSI emulator which seems to be a general debate on which works best but in the end settled on the Zulu model, hope that's ok.....

Pop it in and was able to boot up some basic HDA images.

Now after all that work my brain is a little fried so here are some questions:

-Is there a adapter to use the Zulu outside of the case using a parallel port on the back? (I dont really want to cut the back open or open and closing the case a lot)
-How does one go about building, getting, setting up a good image of the OS with some classic games and apps? (I would love to just plop a classic image on the Zulu and have it upstairs for everyone to mess with without having to do a lot sneakernet or floppy netting) Honestly I just want to see some black and white flying toasters :)

PS I also played around with retro bright on one half of the case and that process is amazing...but will see how it sticks.


If you want to plug a SCSI <-> SD card tool with a 50-pin header into the DB-25 SCSI port (25 pins) in the back of your mac, you need an adapter. You can build it yourself: https://github.com/Stephen-Arsenault/OverEasy or buy one that you will find on eBay or similar.

You can use a Windows/Mac/Linux emulator to run and modify your hda image. There are (at least) two apps for that: BasiliskII and SheepShaver. You will need the app, a ROM file and your hda file. Search on Youtube for those apps for a tutorial. Then, you can mount /tmp (or equivalent) to this image in order to fill your hda file with the applications you would have downloaded from MacRepository or MacintoshGarden.