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Looking for the AppleCD 300 control panel

Does anyone know where to find a copy of the AppleCD 300 control panel for System 7.x? I saw a copy on a SCSI hard drive that was in a recently acquired Mac, but that drive died promptly before I was able to rescue any software off of it...

I'm pretty sure the control panel was called either "AppleCD" or "AppleCD 300", and the main (and possibly only) option was to run the CD ROM drive at a slow and backwards-compatible, or fast speed. FWIW the computer was running System 7.5.3.

The few Apple CD ROM driver installers that I've found on The Macintosh Garden and Mac Driver Museum so far have only included the driver extension, and no control panels.


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Maybe try the Performa 600CD restore discs? That machine came stock with the AppleCD 300 drive and System 7.1P. Sounds like a control panel it would have on a stock image.
Thanks for the tip! In the meantime, I was able to solve my own problem, the solution hiding in plain sight on the Macintosh Garden together with version 4.0.2 of the CD ROM driver. (I have no idea why you don't get a hit on this page when you search for "AppleCD 300" over there...)

The actual name of the control panel is "AppleCD Speed Switch", just for the record. I wonder why Apple removed this functionality in v5 of the CD ROM driver package? Maybe it defaults to high speed, after they figured out very few pieces of software required the backwards compatibility mode?