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LC575 caps continuity check.


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Can anyone help here since I can’t get a schematics on the net.

Caps C11 negative is connected to C8 negative?


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I have a couple of LC575’s MB’s that I am trying resurrect.
One gave nothing before recap and now gives gives death chimes after recap and second was working before recap and now after recap does NOTHING! Ugh!


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For what it’s worth:
When I placed my multimeter lead on each end of the capacitor (+/-) I discovered several of my newly placed tantalum capacitors appeared to be shorted. I logged the resistance reading for each suspect capacitor. (If a capacitor is not listed below, then the reading was either Kilo or MegaOhm range.)

LocationInitial Resistance following initial recapResistance following second recap
and solder mask
C20.1 OhmMega Ohms
C80.2 Ohm2,200 Ohms
C123.5 Ohms1,300 Ohms
C1333 Ohms1,300 Ohms
C150.1 Ohm1,300 Ohms
C170.2 OhmMega Ohms
C280.2 Ohm1,300 Ohms

After removing the newly placed caps, I was very meticulous applying solder mask around the solder pads to prevent inadvertent short circuits.

Happy News, I now have a working LC575 logic board!
Now time to figure out out how to repair the shattered plastics.