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KVM resolution woes 1


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I have a fairly generic KVM with DVI/USB interface that defaults to 1024x768 resolution, e.g., if a machine is booted or if it wakes without the switch being properly set to it. The machines involved are 3xG5s and one Mac Pro running X.5 and X.9 respectively, and all are connected via the KVM to a 1920x1200 Apple Cinema 23" display.

If any one of these machines is not started up or wakened with the switch set to it, I get a blank screen, requiring that the machine be put to sleep by the power button and then re-awakened with the KVM button properly set -- at which point, the proper resolution is recognized through the KVM and all is well. When the screen is blank, furthermore, it is possible to use another Mac and the screen sharing option in networking to access the Displays Control Panels on the affected machines, which shows that the machine knows it is connected to a KVM which requires a 1024x768 resolution. Except it doesn't, and I can't see a bloody thing.

As I have a sort of workaround in the sleep/wake solution, all this is not a total disaster, but it is a small frustration and I wonder if things could be better. Is there some way to force a machines' resolution output to 1920x1200, no matter what screen it thinks it is connected to?