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First off my apologies, I know my iBook thread is right below this one. I figured I've been having some good luck thrifting recently so I should make a dedicated thread so I'm not spamming new threads going forward.

But today I picked up this awesome 15 inch PowerBook G4 with a 1.25 GHz G4 at a local thrift store. It ended up cleaning up really nicely (its now the nicest G4 AlBook I own), and to my surprise the battery still holds a charge (seems to get like an hour to 1.5 hours of battery life) so I'm happy with it. I've stuck 2 gigs of RAM in it and its quite a nice little machine. At $35 it might not be as much of a steal as some of my other finds, but I think its a decent deal that will make a nice addition to my collection.




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