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Iomega Jaz suddenly died


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Hi, I had a couple Jaz external drives (the green ones, 1 GB cartidge capacity) that I plugged in my Iici alternately, to play around and test them. The original PSU was included with one of them, so I could power up both, to discover that one was somehow faulty while accessing the cartridge, while the second one was working perfectly. So I created a backup cartridge, worked a couple of hours on it to move software etc...

the next morning, no power when I turned on the Jaz Drive - nothing with the other one too. Is the PSU dead? I cannot get any voltage from the pins indeed...

is a modern replacement ok with the pinout? I found a +5 / +12 with the same pins but... will they carry the same voltages? OR there are other known causes for this behavior? Any hint appreciated!


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So how many people have Jaz drives? I have one, like @micheledipaola 's, but I think the only Jaz disk I have no longer works - the drive itself powers fine.


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Probably have two units, maybe a third somewhere.

One is 1Gb the other 2Gb. Not the more reliable devices… but PSUs are ok si far.