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iBook 600 16MB VRAM Driver - Where?


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Where the heck can I find the software for the ATI Radeon Mobility in my iBook 600?

I love ATI chips, but man their support leaves something to be desired.

Ideally if anyone can link me to an .ISO of an original restore CD for this machine that would be perfect. Under system profiler the processor is not being reported properly, the keyboard sound and backlight buttons don't function - they just make the finder menu bar blink.

I booted the machine into FW mode and used another iBook to shoehorn in 9.2.1 from a retail CD. Back in the day I used to be able to do a "Universal Install" and it worked on everything but apparently that is no longer an option?

Some help with this would be greatly appreciated. I've got a customer with some old, old data in classic programs that needs to be converted, thus I picked up the iBook. It's internal HD was dead so I swapped it and it didn't come with restore disks, so hence the shoehorning of the OS in there. When I tried to boot from the CD it would, but the installer would tell me "no yuo" and quit. SO I had to FW mode it and that got it working. A few rounds with software update and all my carbon libs and everything are upto date.

Thanks in advance.



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Looks like you have to call apple for the restore disks and see if they have them. Otherwise, I would look on eBay or something of the like that might have them.

PowerMax MIGHT, but I doubt it.



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Let me re-phrase the question:

Where can I find the software -----> for free?

It's funny a few years ago, locating the software would be no big problem. But now, it's old and archived in some corner of the internet far away from the google bots.



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Not looking good.

2 of the .DMG's claim to be iBook install CD and I have no way of differentiating them as the both contain the same number of files and indeed the exact same file/folder structure and even names.

The other discs appear to be iBook HD images, but the first one is iBookHD.imgpart the 2nd one is ibookhd.img and the others are ibookhd2, 3 and so on .img files.

For some stupid reason I have 4 blank CD's left and 6 discs to burn. This is going to be interesting.

What it really interesting is that both the iBook Install CD discs feature Mac OS 9.1 whearas according to LEM, the dual usb iBook requires 9.2.1 so I more than likely just burnt a useless disc.

It is also quite possible the PM sent me to an iBook G3 Clamshell restore area and not the dual USB area / restore images I need.

I blame Apple though. Why the heck do they name their files __647262-bah3.DMG? That is a totally useless and uninformative file name. Argh.



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That's it.

I've downloaded and burned about a dozen .ISO files - all useless.

I also have retail copies of OS 9 -> 9.2.1 and 9.1, neither will let me install. Yes they are actual retail CD's with a huge orange '9' on them.

So does anyone have OS 9 running on an iBook?

Can you copy your system folder and e-mail it to me please. This is getting into the realm of stupidly annoyingly frustrating.

/bangs head on desk.



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I have the same problem with an iBook G3 (800MHz 32 MB VRAM model). I've got a 9.2.2 installer CD that shipped with the 16MB iBooks, but it hasn't solved the problem for me, either. I think this is a Mac OS ROM issue, and tracking down the right version might be tricky.

If I find a solution, I'll let you know.





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In the light of the discussion and listing in this thread, what could be of interest to you? My Install and Restore CDs for the immediately preceding iBook (600MHz/14-in/8MB VRAM)—OSs 10.1.2 and 9.2.1—will inevitably contain Apple's selections from 2001 rather than ATi's later versions, as probably also would the Restore CDs for the 600MHz/16MB VRAM. PM or email me if there is anything relevant in the referenced thread.


I have a bunch of iBook 900 MHz systems and I used an ordinary Mac OS 9.2.2 install disc and it worked fine.

Obtain an ordinary Mac OS 9.2.2 install disc and all will be fine.



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I have a bunch of iBook 900 MHz systems and I used an ordinary Mac OS 9.2.2 install disc and it worked fine.
Obtain an ordinary Mac OS 9.2.2 install disc and all will be fine.
I don't have one, and have been unsuccessful in finding one for download.

Wanna burn me a copy?



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I have a 9.0.4 image with updates to 9.2.2

I also have a 9.2.1 DMG, which does not boot but does install through OS X through classic.

What you could do is run an 9.2.2 Installer from a Mac with classic and put the iBook in Firewire. I also have a grey Mac OS X Disk for an iBook G4, with Mac OS 9.2.2 for using classic.

My Blueberry clamshell is running 9.0.4