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I ditch my Q700 for a 950, and suddendly...


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Q700s are the toast of the town. How do you like that?

I didn't ditch my 700, I just cannibalized the 230M hard drive from it, and am going to replace it with the 230M drive from the 950, copy everything over and have a running spare of my studio computer.

Here's what I've got. Q950 with 100M ram (probably going to bump that up), 230M system drive and a 40-something-gig (Avid!) external drive. 2 digidesign 442s for 8 tracks for recording simultaneous CD-quality audio. Woot. Also a SCSI accelerator.

Also have Myst. And Warcraft.

Gonna put my houdini card in this thing, already have an image with windows 95 on it, so that's good.



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what interface cards you got for the 442s?

442s rule for having XLR ins and outs btw :p



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I have no idea. There was just this ebay auction for 2 442s and the cards, all the software, etc... all for $50. so I bought it.

No other bids on that, either.