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How to install software on Performa 6200? Help?


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Hello everyone

First time poster and vintage Mac Noob.
Would someone be able to share some wisdom/advice on how to install software on a Performa 6200 running 7.5? I have no idea what I’m doing.

So far, I’ve downloaded some software and games from Mac Repository and burnt it to a x4 CD via disk utility on my G5.

Performa can read the CD and I was able to create a disk image via Disk Copy but after that I got stuck. The Performa does have Toast 4.1 already installed which I think I need to use?

I may need to go back to the drawing board and re download the software from Mac Repository as I may have also messed up that stage too.

any advice greatly appreciated and very keen to learn



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What type of file did you download?

All you should need to do on the destination machine is expand or mount the download.

I'm not sure why creating a disk image would be necessary.


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How would I expand or mount the files?

I downloaded all the files which were available for the software as I wasn’t sure which one I would need.
This is what I tried for ClarisWorks - I can see now they’re zip files. Do I need to unzip on the G5 first before burning?



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Yes, unzip the downloads on your G5, then burn the contents.

You need Stuffit Expander to expand .sit files. Compact Pro opens .cpt files.

If you're burning an HFS formatted CD, you may be able to unpack these archives on your G5.

The third file is a zipped CD image. Unzip it on your G5, then burn the .toast image directly to a CD.