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Here's my current Performa 5400 setup - I love this machine!


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That is an awesome machine! I really like the black.

The black is decidedly awesome but sadly the plastic is rather insanely brittle. This post shows some detail of how the plastic deteriorates over time and just how imperfect it generally is. This machine creaks like wicker basket when you move it. 



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I've had a couple in the standard platinum color and 'wicker basket' is an excellent description for how they feel. At least they tend to be solid once in position! 

Btw, if you want to full-screen your AV-in, choose 640x480 as your screen resolution and then tap the maximize button on Apple Video Player.



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Seeing this, I rememberd that a pretty complete black PowerMac 5500/225 setup has been offered multiple times over the last few months on an Austrian classified ads site. Link can be found in the EU Finds Thread.