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Help with BlueSCSI and Mac Plus


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Hey there! I was trying to get my trusty bluescsi to work on my Mac Plus. I followed the instructions in the attached video. Good news--BlueSCSI gets power now that I added the diode. Bad news--with the SD card in the Mac Plus makes a horrific noise and the screen goes black. No floppy with a question mark, nothing. If I take the SD card out it gives me the floppy with a question mark. I suspect there's something wrong with the HDA images I'm using but not sure. Help?


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Never heard of these ROMinator kits but that's a fantastic idea - when my Classic's HD stopped working I remembered about its special System 6 in ROM - bam! Came right back to life. I've got a dual-floppy SE, maybe I should look into ROMinator for that.

I get a bad taste in my mouth looking at that painted Macintosh Plus. I suppose you aquired it looking like that? You'll be very happy with the one I'm sending you, as you can see from my profile pic here, it's rather clean & flawless.