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Help importing old Mac software into Mini vMac


I was wondering if anyone could help me load Double Helix (Motorola 68k version) downloaded from the Macintosh Archive (uploaded by Mac128k) into Mini vMac version 36.04. I have tried a couple of things but so far no luck. Part of the challenge seems to be the size of the file which is around 1MB. Thanks



Just to provide a bit more detail, I have Mini vMac v36.04 running fine on my laptop running Mojave (10.14.6). I have installed System Software 6.0.8 and ImportFl-1.2.1 all working fine. I dloaded the Double Helix.sit file from the repository (https://www.macintoshrepository.org/7324-double-helix) but when I launch ImportFl and copy the .sit file to it I get a "Disk full" error message. Wondering what I can try next. Thanks




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@marksmithhfx  You might want to try using Basilisk because it has a built-in Shared Folder feature that shows up as a hard drive in the VM.  You can then readily transfer files back and forth between the host computer and the VM just by dropping files into the shared folder.

I think @cheesestraws is helping to build a version of Mini vMac with AppleTalk support, but for some reason I can't find the thread and I don't know how far along the project is.