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Help flashing Radeon 7000

I have 2 Radeon 7000s that I would like to flash to work in a blue and white G3. One of the cards is a visiontek rad7k 64mb, it's technically a mobility Radeon m6 on a pci card. I assume that this card cannot use the standard Mac Radeon 7000 firmware. It runs at 163mhz clock and memory if I remember correctly.

The 2nd card is a diamond stealth s60 Radeon 7000. It's very similar to the Radeon 7000 reference design. Unfortunately the flash chip is locked according to dos atiflash and I was unable to unlock it or flash it with either dos atiflash or graphiccellerator. It also has the clock and memory speed set to 153mhz vs the 183 of the Mac Radeon 7000.

Can anyone help me flash either or both of these cards. I attached pictures of the cards below.


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My preference is to just replace the locked chip because I usually swap in 128k chips, but there is... a dos flash program version that you can tell to flash a locked chip. I forget the version sorry. Like I said I mostly swap out the chips.

Some chips have a pin that electronically locks the chip. I'd check with a meter to see if you have one of those chips and if it can be bypassed.
The locked flash chip on the diamond card is an atmel 25f512, it does have a write protect pin on the chip. I probed around with a multimeter and the write protect pin is connected to a bunch of other random pads but it doesn't seem to be true ground. Since there doesn't seem to be a resistor I can remove to disconnect that pin I assume I'd have to lift it to unlock the chip?

Is there any way to modify or write a Mac ROM for the visiontek card with the m6 chipset. It's actually a bit faster than the diamond card with a true Radeon 7000 chip. They are also much cheaper and easier to find than a regular Radeon 7000.
I lifted the write protect pin on the locked flash chip on the diamond card and was able to program it to the Mac firmware using DOS atiflash. I found a reduced firmware that already had the GPU and memory clocks set to 150mhz so I used that one. So far it seems to be working but I can't run the benchmarks yet. My NAS apparently got corrupted by the power outage the other day. Attempting to unzip the benchmarks I had stored on the NAS hard crashes my G3 so now I have to fix the corrupted disk in the NAS.