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Hello Again


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So anything and everything that doesn't have to do with 68k Macs should be closed and prohibited?

Threads like the pepsi one are just so bloody pointless. The entire point of the thread was to tell us how to pour a glass of Pepsi with ice, as if it was some major new breakthrough. There's your perfect example. However there is a certain line between a technology unrelated pointless thread, like as said above, and a technology unrelated thread with a bit of meaning.

However, should this include all unrelated posts, then it's in the best interests to call the closure of the Lounge. Any posts that are to do with 68k Macs will be in one of the appropriate forums. The Lounge will always be off topic banter and there really is no way to change that apart from a complete cease of it altogether.

It'll probably filter out those users who are sticking around purely for off topic banter, including those who have in the past found enlightenment in 68k hardware but do no longer. That includes most of your founding members and existing userbase.



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Does the lounge actively hurt the usefulness of the site, though? If not, we shouldn't consider censoring topics that are not strictly 68k-related. Sometimes there are topics and language that should be locked, but I don't think that there is anything wrong with having a broader forum.

Of course, this being the internet, if somebody doesn't like the site, they can just find another sandbox.



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Folks, isn't this site fundamentally about have fun and sharing our enthusiasm for Macs and similar other equipment and hardware? Let's chill a little! [8D]

That said, I agree with Tom - the Lounge, in my understanding, is there precisely to be a catch-all for OT posts. If folks think a Lounge post is just totally random and uninteresting, they can simply choose not to post in that thread, and not to read it either.

As for the other forum categories, I would say yes, these should be kept on-topic. From the way each forum is described, it appears that Retrochallenge and Conquests are the only two that would allow any real discussion of non-Mac/Apple hardware. (If folks want to change that, it's fine with me; I'm just saying that's the impression one gets by looking at the forums.)

In addition, the *Nix forum would allow discussion of non-Mac software as well (and perhaps of non-Mac hardware, although only in the context of a discussion of running *Nix on such hardware).

So that all seems pretty clear to me.

Perhaps each forum's mod could post a sticky at the top saying exactly what is and is not permitted in each forum category. That might help clear things up.

Now let's get back to liberating and swapping war stories! [:)] ]'>




Da Penguin

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Oh my, I had no intention of creating such a ruckus in asking what was going on. My apologies there.

The MLA has always been a place for light hearted discussion. On topic discussions never stayed purely that way, but they always seemed to remain in the realm of old mac stuff. Looking around, it now looks like just another forum, so I can see how many would be upset with the abundance of off topic-ness.

Where to draw the line in what to post and not post can be instituted from the top down, but then it will be nothing but a dictatorship. If folks here really want change, it will need to come from the users. We shouldn't all hold grudges against one another, but we should hold each other accountable for things that are posted. If everyone feels something is off topic. Either make it known or avoid it all together. There is no need to drag out what you do not want.

That said, I hope I can hang around here more and get a better idea what the pulse of the MLA is now. Things are certainly very different, and my own 68k experiences have gone down to just about zilch. That said, I am still just as big of an apple fanatic as ever. I suppose I should let the cat out of the bag and say that that is the exact reason I am in the bay area. Simply put, I will be walking into Infinite Loop 1 in less than a week. Talk about anxious excited and nervous out of my mind at the same time.

So yes, anyone in the bay area, let me know, I am all for grabbing lunch or learning what is best to do on a friday night.

Peace, love, let's save the whales (and all those macs)




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Da Pengiun,

Please hang out more. The more of us who contribute to the more technical topics and topics relating to technology increase the value of the forums. I would love for this forum to remain 90% Mac oriented when we are talking about computers.

The lounge is a catch all for random posts not fitting into other sub-forums. I do agree that we can simply choose to ignore a thread. However in the lounge we used to have better threads. The Pepsi thread just illustrates to what level we are currently at. Why no more threads on older OS's, old supercomputers, social topics such as world events and so on. Those aren't computer related but are much much more interesting to talk about than Pepsi or SP3.



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WTH was that?
You haven't noticed the aura of pessimism on this forum? I've noticed it ever since I started visiting this forum, 18 months ago. Anyone would think life as we know it was ending. :lol: It was begging to have the mick taken out of it.

My own opinion for what it's worth (probably nothing): if a thread turns into a conflict, I stop reading it. If a thread is pointless and stupid…Well, then it’s probably me that started it. :lol: I hope I never start taking anything that happens on the internet seriously.