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G4 Cube with no picture


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Here I have a Cube, which turns on and boots into MacOS alright (confirmed by getting sound, sleep, ecject CDs etc) but shows no picture whatsover.
It has the ATI graphics card, which is confirmed to work, I used the Geforce2 complete with the riser card from my other cube, but it didn't like that at all, with it the Cube starts but the LEDs are flashing rapidly, it shuts itself down and then restarts.
I pressed the PRAM button for 5 secs and replaced the battery with a new one.
While playing around with it, all of a sudden I did get a picture once. I inserted a CD and that froze the computer. When I restarted it again, it showed no picture anymore. I disconnected the DVD drive since, just to be sure to eliminate that as a problem.
It appears the video card doesn't get warm at all when the Cube is switched on.

What could be wrong?


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No - needs an AGP graphics card. I've come across two G4 Cubes where the AGP riser had failed because it wasn't slid back in properly