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Flash of Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB worked perfectly


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Received my G4 today from SlateBlue. The case is immaculate. I couldn't be happier. I played around with Rhapsody on it for a while then I put in a 2nd HD and put OS 9 on it. I then put in my flashed Radeon 9000 Pro. I did the flashing last night using an old P4 motherboard I had laying around. Literally just the motherboard, a USB floppy drive, power supply and the video card. no case. no hard drive. I made a DOS boot disk with the correct ROM file on it and the ATI FLASH utility. booted from the dos disk, and a simple "atiflash -p 0 ati.rom -f" and the card was flashed. Tried it out this morning under OS 9 and it worked first go! Since I wanted to go dual monitors, I didn't need the ADC Connector, the 9000 pro is a better card anyways, it all works out. I am keeping the ATI RAGE around in case i ever want to run rhapsody again, or if i need a backup card. SlateBlue, This is a great G4. Im so impressed with the packing job too. Those people at Joy's packing did a great job!