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Fizzbinn’s Finds


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Anyone know anything about these? Applied Engineering Transwarp/TW 6400 from 1993. Looks like it’s 33MHz
Not much turning up I'm afraid.

From here: https://archive.org/details/macworld00unse_88/page/40/mode/2up?q="Transwarp+6400"

TransWarp 6400
This line of 68040 accelerators fits the Macintosh llsi, llci, llvi, llvx and Performa 600 and has models that run at 25MHz, 33MHz, and 40MHz. The card plugs into the PDS and comes with a 128K cache. The llsi version requires an adapter. 25MHz with FPU $999; 33MHz with FPU $1199; 40MHz with FPU $1499; llsi adapter $49. Applied Engineering, 214/241-6060, 800/554- 6227; fax 214/484-1365



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Got around to trying the Applied Engineering Transwarp “TW6400” 68040 upgrade card in my IIci. It might be dead or more hopefully *just* need drivers (which finding might be hopeless!)



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So my wonderful significant other got me an eMate 300 for Xmas. It’s kinda neat, especially the design, if a little odd to remember how to use Newton OS. It came with its original power adapter but of course the battery pack was dead. Even more than my PowerBooks this beauty wants to be unplugged, fortunately “re-celling” the battery pack is not too bad.

Picked these batteries up from Amazon:

4 pcs Tenergy 2000mAh NiMH Rechargeable AA Battery Flat Top with Tabs

And followed these instructions:





Works great now, fingers crossed it stays that way! 

Nice to have a successful project after several failures...

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*** repost do to 6/30/2021 outage ***

@Fizzbinn 2/27/2021:

eMate battery update: I decided I wanted to heat shrink wrap my rebuilt battery pack, after a bunch of measuring and googling I ended up ordering this from Amazon:

Othmro 43mm Flat Width 2m Length PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Green for 26650 Battery Pack - $7.59

I hope I didn’t miss an easy reference for this, but wanting to heat shrink wrap 4 AA batteries in this configuration doesn’t seem to be all that common.

With some trial an error on the length (using a dead AA battery pack stand-in so as not to put too much stress on the new batteries and their connections), 4 3/8” turned out to work to get a nice wrap around the end.

Really pleased how it turned out ....even though it will never really be seen :)

With almost 2 meters I’d be glad to cut some pieces off of the heat shrink tubing role and mail it to anyone who might be interested/fixing up their own eMate battery.