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Fink's Conquests


I figure I've finally purchased something worthy of a conquests post…


Yep, a NeXTstation Mono. Maximum memory (32mb).

Got it from a craigslist seller for $80.

Decent condition.

Somewhat dusty, a few dings in the case, and what appear to be a few paint splotches. Should clean up easily!

Screen has a few tiny scratches, not noticeable during normal use.


Unfortunately, Flickr appears to be reworking it's UI… And the BBcode option is grayed out, so I had to use the Imgur…

Back to the station… It's running OpenStep, and is running out of room on it's 100mb internal SCSI drive…

Most of it's applications are missing, too… LocalApps folder is missing, for example… And builddisk is nowhere to be found. :-/

It appears to have been used as a webserver for "Toronto Trek 13", some sort of a Sci-fi convention now known by another name.

I'm going to have to reinstall the OS (I'll install 3.3, it's better suited to 68k machines)… Unfortunately, I don't have the type of SCSI cable this computer uses…

I could possibly use the internal SCSI cables (and CD Drive) of my 7100 (or Centris 650) to reinstall the operating system… NetBoot has also been suggested to me.

Having a hard time figuring out where to put the thing, It will probably replace my (unused) eMac beside my PowerMac G4 :D

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Awesome find and a great price too! If I was a little further with my NeXT Cube, I'd try to help out but I'm still piecing it together.



You could totally upload the images to the forum! [:D] ]'>
Whoops! Forgot I could do that… I never attach stuff to forum posts :/ Unfortunately, there isn't anything I can do about that now… The 15 minute editing limit has been passed already.

Awesome find and a great price too! If I was a little further with my NeXT Cube, I'd try to help out but I'm still piecing it together.
What kind of a cube is it? '030?



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My Cube is a 25Mhz 040 now. The serial number is in the 2100s so it was an original 030. She needs paint to so it' is a "real" project :) I like those.



The 15 minute editing limit
Sixty minutes.

One of the mods could add your images to the OP if you like. We encourage local images here; it helps keep them from disappearing ;)

$80 ... I just ....



Well then, could a moderator help with converting the above images to attachments, please?

Silly CD attempt:


(That's a PowerMac G3 providing power to a 7100 CD drive + cable connected to the NeXTstation.

The silly CD attempt worked!


Hopefully the system can boot from the drive as well as it reads the discs in the drive…



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Ha, pretty awesome Fink. Toronto Trek! I went to one of those back in the day to buy a Tricorder prop kit... I wonder if it was that one.

Nice score. Whats your plan for it?



Well, from what I read online... "Toronto Trek 13" took place in 1999.

Since I last posted, I installed NEXTSTEP 3.3... and realized that 100mb isn't enough for a full installation.

Swapped in a 1.1gb disk from an external enclosure, and reinstalled 3.3. Now it has enough free space for some 3rd party programs!

I'll probably use it as a NEXSTEP Workstation, to run NEXTSTEP applications (DOOM[?], Pages, Mathematica).