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Finally got an original Macintosh


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Congratulations apm, you are a lucky person.

Do take good care of it.

I wouldn't be surprised if these original Macintoshes become quite (monetarily) valuable as time goes by.

By the way, what can you do with it (rather than what you can't do with it)?

Alice, MacWrite, MacPaint should run on it. What else have you tried on it?



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@james_w it did in fact come with a mouse (and keyboard), and I think it is the original square-connector type. But thanks! Also, now that I've got the external floppy drive it actually seems like a usable machine. 

@ArmorAlley the question is, how long will it take before these vintage machines become worth more than you would have gotten by investing the original sale price in the stock market over 30+ years? :)

I've run MacPaint and MacWrite on this machine, along with some idiosyncratic demo programs that came on one of the disks. What other software should I find that runs on a 128k?



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My guess is that, in the next 20 years, original unupgraded, working Macintoshes in good condition may well be reaching hundreds of thousands. Think what an Apple I was worth 20 years' ago. The original Macintosh is iconic ( no pun intended ) and, as a consequence, may well become very sought after. There will surely be fewer original Macintoshes around then as well.

As for software, look at the PDFs of the MacWorld on the WaybackMachine from 1984-1985. You'll surely find lots of software suggestions. Mine are: Alice and Multiplan (Excel before it was Excel). The Macintosh Garden may some old B&W games old enough to run under Systems 1-4.



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Congrats on your 128k! They're lovely machines to play with. I'm lucky enough to have a pair - one "stock" 128k, and another that was upgraded to 512k at some point in its journey. Back in my Apple Employee days I took the "stock" one to my local Mac User Group a few times for show-n-tell - it always got a really warm reception. 

Have fun!