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files appear as pc type


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maybe its just a little thing, but what is that when you copy a running system to another disk and then after booting former normal working installers etc appear as ' pc file' under Mac Os 9.x.x?
yesterday I did set up my PowerBook Titanium 800 Mhz with three new partitions, one with Tiger, one with Sorbet Leopard ( just for curiosity) and 9.2.2.
After installing and formatting the SD-IDE adapter with a 60 GB SD card I installed Tiger via DVD, fine. After that I took the SD adapter, hooked it up over USB to my MBP and restored the Sorbet Leopard image to the third partition. It booted normally( didnt think it would).

Then Os 9, as the Titanium DVD drive doesnt like CDs it wouldnt boot off my trusty burnt Pismo 9.1 CD or even an official Os 8.5 installer CD, it just boots of DVDs. So I booted into Tiger OsX 10.0 and hooked up the old internal hdd (with 9.2.2 on it) and copied it via USB 1 to the internal, empty third partition.

It boots and the partition is ok, but installers and apps appear all as pc type, maybe the files lost its' resource fork at some point..
I had this once in another powerbook, tried Apple script with
'tell application “Finder"
set file type of selection to “APPL"
end tell'
but that didnt fix it, just did a new install then.
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