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Favourite Under-the-Radar Software Titles


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Everyone knows the big titles, but what about the ittsy-bitsy, under-the-radar ones that hardly anyone noticed, but that do something remarkable on an old Mac that we all might want to try out?

In this regard, I would like to draw attention to a little Shareware offering called Trawl (available in the usual places). What Trawl does is map your Appletalk network, complete with zones if you've got 'em (get 'em by using an Appletalk Router like "Apple Internet Router" or Shareway or a Gatorbox or the like). It will then give you a beautifully rendered graphic representation of the network structure. The graphics are drawn using  Mac OS icons for each workstation, printer, and the like. Fabulous little piece of software, the like of which I haven't seen anywhere else.