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Ethernet in DOS Compatible Macintosh


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G'day all,

Upon discussing with a mate of mine who wants to setup LAN party, I want to join but unique way - I want to use Macintosh with DOS Compatible. (to be specific - Power Mac 6100/66 DOS or Quadra 800 with DOS card which is 486 100mhz)

I thought I did connect to ethernet network on my 8600 with PC Compatible card back in late 90s/early 2000s but I cannot remember if It was via ethernet or modem.

Anyway - does anyone know how to setup on Power Mac 6100 with AAUI ethernet?





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You need to disable TCP/IP on the Macintosh side. There is an ODI driver (don't recall if there was NDIS or packet driver support) for Ethernet that came with the DOS Card software that sets up the link.