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Ethernet card ribbon cable advice, please


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Hi all. So, many years ago my parents' then new puppy came over and chewed through the ribbon cable that connects my SE/30's ethernet card to the interface daughter card:

I assumed this was a plug in one, but turns out the socket is soldered onto the board itself:
So, my question is: what tool do I need to squeeze the cable into these tiny little knife-vice thingies, bearing in mind the through-solder spikes sticking out the bottom of the board. Any advice gratefully received.


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Is this a new cable? You need to line it up and push the teeth down firmly onto the cable, maybe hot glue to secure it in place.


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The general term for this kind of termination is insulation-displacement or IDC. I don't know what tool would be ideal to terminate into that particular form of IDC, It almost looks like you want a punchdown tool of some kind?

Though honestly in your position I would be strongly tempted to desolder that and replace it with a normal ribbon cable PCB connector, if there's room...


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Thanks Cruff and Byrd and Cheesestraws. In answer to your question Cheesestraws yes, it's a new cable. But I think re-soldering the thing might be the way to go. Which is super tedious and probably beyond my capabilities. SCSI to Ethernet adaptor in the meantime.