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Error 42 with most FloppyEmu disk images on Lisa with 400K drive


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I've been restoring a Lisa 2 / Mac XL and am having trouble getting it to boot any images on a FloppyEmu. All images except the Mac Works boot image result in error 42. Per the service manual, this indicates "Disk controller timeout".

  • I probed the entire disk controller circuit on the IO board and couldn't find any issues.
  • I checked the capacitor on the Lisa Lite card. It had low ESR and no signs of leakage.
  • The Mac Works image does boot (over about 5 minutes) but gets sac Mac when the system disk image is 'inserted'.
  • I have a known-bad RAM chip (Row E Col 19) that I've ordered a replacement for. Would that chunk of memory interfere with reading from disks?

Any other areas I should focus on?



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I think I had the same problem. I resolved it a few years ago. Don’t know exactly how, but I have a large amount of files on my FloppyEmu SD card which work OK. 

Maybe we could exchange files? So I test yours and you test mine. If you want that please send me a PM. If we find out what’s does the trick we post it here. 



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I realized tonight that there’s a specific Lisa mode for the FloppyEmu. Once I changed the mode it worked great!