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Drive imaging software for Mac OS 7/8?

HI everyone,

I'm posting because I've been trying unsuccessfully for a few hours now to make a block-level disk image of an 80 MB Conner SCSI hard drive from an old Classic and I can't for the life of me find any software that seems to allow this. Does anyone know of anything like this?

Basically, we found this drive at the old lab I used to work at and think it might have data from the early 90's that we thought was lost. However, once I got it working (head was stuck) and mounted on my PowerBook 1400cs, only 1.6 MB of the disk was used with only a system folder and a single research program. Since I'd recently imaged a bunch of Zip disks and floppies with Disk Copy and had found valuable deleted data in the "empty" parts of some of those images I decided to give Disk Copy 6.3.3 a shot, but it only images the first few megabytes and truncates all the remaining "empty" space. Using Sedit, I've managed to get a look at the raw disk block contents and have found the contexts of what look like several deleted text files, but Sedit only seems to let you save individual blocks one at a time.

Is there any software that will do what I'm looking for? Or should I try setting up an OSX-capable Mac with a SCSI card and attempt dd-ing the drive?

Thanks in advance!


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Aladdin ShrinkWrap has an option to copy unused blocks when creating a disk image. It also lets you select from a variety of formats, though I suggest sticking to Disk Copy format.

Another option is Adaptec Toast. I believe it can create block level image files.