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DOS Compatibility Card for Power Macintosh 6100


I've got a new to me Power Macintosh 6100 that came with the DOS Compatibility card (Houdini II), but no cables for attaching it.  I've already started designing an adapter board to replace the difficult to find and expensive Apple Part Number 590-2014 splitter cable based on the pinout online here.  Before I go to the trouble, I thought I'd ask the good people here on 68kMLA if there's anything out there for the DOS Compatibility card like this?

Has this already been done?  Would having this design help anyone else?



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Hi Steve,

nothing that I've ever heard of - you'd be the first.  DOS compatibility cards were somewhat derided over the years as they were never as good as pure x86 hardware but now they're becoming popular.



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Has this already been done?  Would having this design help anyone else?

I have a Houdini II that I've always wanted to get running in my Quadra 700, but misplaced the cable during a move. I'd love to have a replacement - if you build some adapters I'd be happy to buy one from you.



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The huge win for me would be if someone, someday, somehow, made a simplified adapter to allow connection of the DOS Card in a 6100 to connect directly to that absurd connector on the AudioVision 14" monitor instead of requiring TWO adapters!