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Does anyone have a Pioneer PCP-PR24?


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I had bought one from Japan, and it is getting held up in US customs apparently they flag any optical drives and I need to provide some sort of proof that it is cleared by the FDA to be used here?

Never had this issue but they are going to throw it away or send it back if I don't do something in the next 5 days here. Does anyone have one that can send me close up pictures of the labels on it? I'm hoping there is a sticker on it somewhere maybe inside the top cover that says class 1 laser tested to comply or something like that. Any help greatly appreciated, I just need enough info to fill out the DECLARATION FOR IMPORTED ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS SUBJECT TO RADIATION CONTROL STANDARDS document that they sent me in a way that doesn't get me in trouble and allows it to be sent to me.

Any ideas thanks in advance. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, I just wasn't sure who else might know if not you guys. I found the service manual for it but it doesn't say anything about it. It appears there might be an exemption if it's manufactured prior to whenever they started this radiation control standard but I have no idea when that was.


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Sorry but I don't have good news for you: they do not have any radiation warnings on them, even in Japanese. It's possible that they were rebadged and officially sold in the USA by Pioneer or another brand (I also have an IO Data model that's the same thing but it too was JDM and so has no laser labels) so if you look hard enough you may be able to find something equivalent that has been reviewed by the FDA. I mean the drive has all of the safety lockouts and performance characteristics of any other period CDROM, it's just that it wasn't certified and declared to conform to FDA standards since it was only sold in Japan under that model name.
Alternatively you can find out when it was produced and see if it was pre-legislation. I've tried looking for about 30 minutes and nothing I've seen lists definitive effective dates for anything though I did turn up this FDA form and it suggests the basic standards were established in 1976. Maybe if you read it a little more in-depth than I did you'll find something more useful in there like label requirement dates.

I wonder why they flagged it, anyway. There has to have been a trigger word somewhere on the customs declaration, like "CD drive" or "optical disc" or something. There should be an age exception on these things like with cars. I mean the thing is nearly 25 years old; just let it go through.