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Do I dare?


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well rick, to me I would maybe suggest paying $375 asap. especially as thats just a little over $50 per system which is quite a bargain especially as even the non-working macbooks could still easily recoup their cost in ram&storage leaving you with an 'almost free' ilamp!

Rick Dangerous

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Emailed asking if he has power cables...yeah i find this lot pretty hard to resist. Have wanted a Macbook Black for some time, and some of the newer machines have some daily driver life left, especially for my daughter, etc.

Plus the G4 Lamp will run 9.2.2 with 32mb VRAM so would be a great retro-gaming machine. Will post if I am able to grab it.


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First, excellent Rounders quote.

Second, if you have the space, and the machines work, you could definitely come out ahead.

Rick Dangerous

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Ugh...the three MBP's don't turn on. From the seller:

"I have power cable for both the iMacs, but only one power cord for the laptops. Also, the 2 iMacs and the 2 MacBooks (the older white and black ones) all work perfectly fine. But I can't get the 3 MacBook pros to turn on. I am not a computer repair type of person, so I have no clue if they can be fixed, if it is just a battery issue or what. Just want to give you all the details I have. I am willing to come down on the price given the condition and the missing cables. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks"

Even when plugged in.. Anyone have any insight as to if this may be a simple fix or not so much.

Garrett B

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The 15” non-unibody MBP isn’t known for being very robust or reliable (might not be worth fixing). As for the 13” unibody models, if you’re lucky it could be the DC in boards or a bad keyboard/power button. Worst case they’re liquid damaged.


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Also to consider: If the black MacBook is the original CoreDuo model I suggest staying away from it. Its complete lack of 64bit-support limits the usefullness of this model, while only a little newer one has many more upgrade / hacking options. They all share the same model designation A1181. So from the information available one cannot tell. The white sister model has the same problem.