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Compact Mac Repair Guide


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Thanks! As a newcomer to the forum, I was not aware of this very useful compendium of tips, especially for the analog elements... It joins my PDF library.




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Oh this is awesome :D I just posted about flaky video on my Mac Plus, and according to this it may only need a simple resoldering.



Uoops, I got a 

   404 - Not Found

Darn, as I need to start some work on the analog board.

Could someone help please?



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try a google search for classicmac2.pdf.

Also look for this: Macintosh Repair and Upgrade Secrets.pdf




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Does anyone have a component list for the se/30 analogue board and power supply, i.e. capacitor list? I believe its the same as the se.

thanks Neal 

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There are at least three different power supplies - by Astec, Apple, and Sony. I have the doc for the Sony CR-44:

Sony SE30 PSU cap list.jpg