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Color Classic stuck on grey screen


Hello everyone, I have a CC board that I've recapped and cleaned. When I try and boot, it turns on with no chime and no mouse pointer, just gets stuck at the grey screen. There's no floppy activity either. I heard this could be the EGRET or the small chip next to it, but I removed and cleaned both to no success. I had a dead parts CC board that I tried swapping EGRETs with, but that just made it not boot at all. What should I check next? Is the EGRET chip working at all?


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I believe egret failures typically result in no boot or display action whatsoever. That said, be sure to check continuity between Y1 and C56 on the underside of the board.

Have you recapped the analog board? Good voltages?

Sounds basic, but check the edge connector is clean (socket side too) and seated firmly with that “bump” feeling. The connection can get loose sometimes.

Given the symptoms, might be worth checking the ROMs. If you have a parts board with good ROMs, try swapping them one at a time. One or both might be compromised.


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That's not the Egret. You wouldn't get that far with a bad Egret.

Sounds like there's a bad trace on the board somewhere to me.