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Color classic stopped working :(


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I've been working on getting a color classic running for a bit. Thanks to @jajan547 I got a set of working ROMs that got the board up and running long enough to install a hard drive and System 7.5. The whole thing started and shutdown when told to several times, and the only thing not working was the sound (it could be heard VERY faintly through headphones). So I shut it down, figuring to tackle the sound the next day.

Next day? The machine was D-E-D dead. Not even an LED on the front panel.

I recapped the analog board because . . . well capacitors. Still nothing. If I pull the motherboard, the system sounds like it powers up - hard drive sounds, exhaust fan spins, but still no LED. I would suspect the low voltage rails, but the HD and fan works. Could a short on the LB be keeping the power supply offline?

Anyone else had these symptoms with their CC? Did you fix them? How?



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I assume the logic board has been recapped? If so, has it been cleaned very well? I'd start by checking the EGRET/CUDA chip, which is responsible for startup on these era macs. It's apparently very picky about being clean, so you may want to desolder it if possible to clean under and around it better. Pictures of your board, especially around the EGRET chip would help as well.

Good luck!