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Color Classic repair


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Another newbie thread. I might take on a non-functioning Color Classic from a friend, for about $50 or so.

When he dug it out of storage, he found the battery holder rusted/corroded off, and the board looks pretty iffy to me. That said, I don't really know if the board is beyond repair or not – I figure some of you may know at a glance. Certainly, this is new to me, so repairable to me is not the same as repairable to those with experience. I'm basically trying to decide if I'm OK spending $50 for what would probably be just a piece of decoration at my work office (design department), since it may have additional issues other than the logic board. I certainly don't want to spend $200+ on a new board, only to find out there are further issues, so it's unlikely I'd try buying another board. My gut tells me that this board is probably in need of too much to be considered reasonably salvageable.

Here's the only image of the logic board I have, I haven't seen it in person. I didn't think to ask for a pic of the underside. But I could pull it out easy enough if I decide to see it in person.

Other than the battery holder, looks like some corrosion at the rear ports, and the "math coprocessor" area looks iffy to me, I'm not sure if it didn't have one installed, or if it was removed, or what. And of course, looks like some corrosion up around the RAM as well. And otherwise generally dirty/possible corroded connections.


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Wow, that battery shot its load right into the fpu socket… score.. well, my honest opinion, it looks pretty nasty i am afraid.. battery corrosion eats stuff pretty bad. Hope others might give better insight.


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fixable? maybe, for someone with the right skills. You won't know until someone tries. Worth $50? I'd say so, Color Classics are pretty valuable machines, and finding a replacement logic board shouldn't be that difficult, since many toss the original ones aside for a mystic upgrade. (Upgraded logic board from an LC 575).


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$50 as display that’s worth it, but if you want it functional expect a total overhaul of new motherboard, recapped analogue board and deep clean. If not comfortable with this, it’s probably best someone else’s problem.


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Thanks all - that's pretty much as expected. I would figure on it only being a display, unless long-term I decide I want to fix.

Just not sure how much I want a display right now after just buying an SE SuperDrive (and now an ADB keyboard/mouse set) - and needing to get a new (modern) printer as well.

But I appreciate the input!


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If I have the opportunity to grab a Color Classic for $50, I grab it and run. I don’t know if that logic board is fixable, but there are many replacement options. Amiga of Rochester can recap both boards for you and maybe patch up that LB

I’m saying this as someone who’s fixed a few of these computers so take it with a grain of salt. But as I see it your worst case scenario is you can simply resell it.