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Color Classic no longer recognizes floppy driive


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Well, the swap of logic boards has been made………and…….no change at all. Same symptoms as before making the change, those being: put in floppy disk, but no icon appears on desktop, message appear on screen saying “This disk is unreadable by this Macintosh. Do you want to initialize this disk?”, click on “Initialize” only to have a second message appear stating, “This disk cannot be initialized”, and then promptly ejected. So, I am ruling out a faulty logic board as being responsible, and back to the possibility of both floppy drives being defective. The original became defective when a label became lodged in the eject mechanism and would not eject using the “paper clip method.” I managed to get the disk out using a small hemostat to remove the label pieces at a time, and being careful to not bend or force anything. Regardless of my attempts at being extra careful, after that incident, it would no longer eject disks, much less show their icon on the desktop after loading. Thus, on to the second drive, which is marginally better in that it will eject the unrecognizable diskettes, something the original would no longer do.

Next step is to probably to remove the 2nd floppy drive and attempt some more rigorous cleaning as was proposed here. Incidentally, the original drive does seem to operate smoothly when manually operated on the workbench. That may or may not have any significance, but thought I’d mention it just in case. But, it’s original malfunctioning arose only after the drive jammed with the label and prevented the drive mechanicals from operating as they should have.

Here is another question: Is there a way to test these floppy drives while outside of the computer chassis? I have searched for a 20 pin to DB25 adapter, but to no avail. Does an adapter of any type exist for the 20 pin connector used on the floppy drive?

Some additional thoughts….the original floppy drive is a Sony MP-F75W-31g. I replaced it with a Sony MP-F75W-11g, having the belief they were interchangeable. Perhaps they are not?