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Classic Mac Restoration (First Post)


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Well I decided to Retro Brite and dismantle and give it all a good clean, I have a very quiet fan on order as I should tried to oil the existing one but mad no difference or not much.


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The screen is way too large. A classic screen should display 7.11" wide by 4.7" high (I assume being outside the US, 18.06 x 12.06 cm would be easier). The screen won't even project where you are seeing that distortion at the bottom. If it persists, one of the deflection magnet rings on the back of the CRT yoke might need some adjustment. I'd get the height and width adjusted first, though.

Respectfully disagree here — that is indeed the factory setting (actually 7.11” x 4.75”), but there is nothing magical about that other than it happens to be WYSIWYG (72dpi on screen = ImageWriter print resolution). But unless you’re printing documents, you have no particular reason to care about that, and classic Mac CRTs can display about 8% more screen area without distortion.

Mac tweakers have recommended running with a bigger screen since since 1984, here’s Larry Pina in the excellent Macintosh Repair and Upgrade Secrets (”Video Upgrades” chapter, p. 160 in my edition). I run maxed-out screen resolution on all my toaster Macs and it’s awesome, making for a significantly more comfortable distortion-free retro computing experience. 🥳

@Benno please feel free to run your screen at a larger-than-factory size if you would like 😊

Included snip from https://archive.org/details/MACREPUPGSECRETS/page/n179/mode/1up



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Obviously you can do whatever you want. I prefer everything as it was from the factory, and try to keep my machines as thus. My point was just that he might not have the distortion visible if he doesn’t project outside the normal bounds.


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Understood - OP should be able to fix that distortion by adjusting the perimeter magnets, though, as you noted, but there is no need to shrink the raster size first to make it work (at least, not if is CRT is still in good shape.)


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I can also make 800K disks (System 6 and slimmed down 7, and probably a full 7 install with multiple) which the Classic can boot from - Just let me know if you need any.

It's a stupidly complicated process, as I need to download the files, load them onto a USB, put those files onto a Zip disk from my iMac G3, put the Zip into my Plus (with a SCSI Zip drive), then write the files to a Floppy disk.
Quite a process, but it does work!


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I should update this post , everything is running fine, using a Blue SCSI, played around a bit with using a Basilisk emulator on the Mini and was able to transfer files that way, why I had dismantled. It's loaded with software and OS's it's done but wait.....

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