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Classic ii, iisi parts crossover


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Supply chains back in the day were a lot more reliable, at least when mask size of components were stable, just slow by today's standards. Nineties went to JIT, "Just in Time" inventory practices which were a PITA from the start for all but the loudest of the largest, highest production outfits. Some organizations managed to torque that into what I call "Never Quite In Time" inventory, especially in retail.

Todays, sporadic "Estimated Delivery, If and When" bollixed Supply Chain issues . . . :eek:

edit: strange encoding, WAG would be very early unit using IIci Proc while they sorted out supply and production facilities. Numeric vs. Alpha-Numeric encoding would lean me in that direction.

Have you read the Can Spec. yet?
I’ve seen Color Classic and Color Classic II (Lc520/Lc550) machines use a Motorola marked CPU that is not the rated speed of the machine. Quite common, actually.

Even the LC3 and LC3+, I’ve seen the LC3+ use a 25mhz CPU at the 33mhz that machine runs at. In fact I have one. Factory specs for 33mhz but using a 25mhz CPU.